Tax Attorney

Norman, OK

In general attorney refers as a lawyer and attorney at law is an official title of lawyers in some jurisdiction in the USA. The attorney is a power of attorney, not necessarily be a lawyer, but act on behalf of some others in different legal and financial matters. The terms attorney and lawyer are often used interchangeably in the United States and having a very narrow distinction between two titles. Scott T. Banks Attorney-at-Law, owned and run by Scott T. Banks, is one of the most reputed law firms in the Norman city. Mr. Banks is a renowned attorney at law and run his practice since the year 2006. After completing his graduation in science from Oklahoma State University, he passed Juris Doctorate from The University of Oklahoma Law College and started his career as an attorney-at-law.

Mr. Banks mostly focused on litigation matters, like Divorce and claims, adult guardianship, child custody, employment discrimination, employment law relation, and other civil litigation matter like a landlord or tenant dispute, land dispute, property tax and taxation disputes, probate, etc. for his individual as well as business clients with utmost professionalism and care in the Norman city. Scott T. Banks attorney-at-Law consulting firm has now spread their wings to various litigation supports around the Norman city. Mr. Scott Banks' legal consulting firm provided a value-added best solution to their existing and new clients from different fields by giving a combination of specialized expertise and a commitment to excellence.

His vision is to give the proper legal service with the culture of commitment to integrity towards his profession. As a most successful attorney-at-law Mr. Banks is introducing a strategic vision of implementing a diversity of his firm to give the best output for his clients. His client- service approach make a distinct mark of the Norman city by focusing client's needs, priority and budget.